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Leovet Hooflab Hoof Reinforcer

Reinforces the hooves, ideal for horses with cracked and crumbly hooves.
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  • to strengthens brittle, crumbly hooves, strengthens the wall and sole
  • creates harder hooves and reduces the risk of crumbling and cracking keratin
  • promotes the natural resistance of the hoof
  • also suitable for reinforcement for horses without shoes, hooves with low heels
  • helps with tighter fitting horseshoes
  • with integrated pump applicator
  • free of glutaraldehyde, petroleum jelly, mineral oils and parabens, works without harmful chemical reactions

Use: Three times a week and after improving the hoof, apply once a week on the clean, dry hoof wall and if necessary also on the sole. Do not apply to the coronet, the ball of the hoof or the frog!
Tip: apply to the oldest nail holes if your horse wears shoes. For horses without shoes, apply to the supporting edge and white line.

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