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Proper hoof care

Strong and healthy hooves are vital for your horse. To support healthy hooves we offer a wide range of hoof care products from excellent brands such as NAF, Leovet, Effol and more.
A horse's hoof consist of several parts, each of which needs care. The outside of a hoof is called the hoof wall, whilst the upper part of the hoof, where hoof turns into leg, is called the coronary band. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has several products which support the right fluid balance in the hoof wall so it won't crumble or become dry.
The bottom of the hoof is called the sole. We've got several products to support the hooves of your horse in our product range.
If you wish to know more about basic hoof care be sure to read this blog.

How to clean and care for a horse's hoof?

Epplejeck has a variety of hoof care products as well as supplements for internal use. Before applying anything on the hoof, make sure the hoof is cleaned. Pick the hoof with a hoof pick and remove and loose dirt and hair with a hoof brush.
Hoof tar protects the hoof sole and frog from dirt and moist. Hoof tar is extremely suitable for horse's who are sensitive to a wet or dirty bedding. Hoof tar is a fluid and can easily be applied with a brush. Additionally Epplejeck has a Hoof Tar Spray which can easily be applied by spraying it across the hooves. Hoof oil is suitable for the entire hoof and not just the sole. Hoof oil supports and improves the condition of the hoof, maintains a healthy fluid balance and gives the hooves a healthy gloss. Hoof oil reduces the chances of tears and crumbling hooves. It is easily applied with a brush.
Hoof gel is a good choice during dry summers. Hoof gel supplies moisture and supports a healthy hoof, and reduces chances of tears and crumbles. Additionally it helps to give the hooves a healthy shine. Hoof gel is easily applied with a brush or cloth.

Duo Protection Hoof Grease

Hoof grease also supports the fluid balance and a healthy elastic hoof. Hoof grease is generally absorbed quite rapidly and prevents from tears and crumbles. Duo Protection Hoof Grease is a rather new product which is unique because it is made from 100% horse fat. Horse fat contains glycerine which attracts liquids  and horse fat stimulates hoof wall growth and contributes to a stronger hoof structure. Duo Protection is alsop very suitable to use as leather care.

Healthy hoof soles

To support a healthy hoof sole and frog you can use a hoof and sole spray. These sprays are cleansing and support the elasticity of the hoof and natural hoof growth. For additional support of the hoof sole and to promote a healthy frog you could use Hypozin. This paste is easy to apply and highly suitable as a follow up to a farrier visit.
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