Immune system & recovery

Immune system & recovery

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Equine immune system

The equine immune system is important for the overall health of your horse. If your horse's immune system is low it becomes susceptible for diseases and infections. Epplejeck has a wide range of products to improve and maintain your horse's immune system. If you want to support your horse during or after infections or if you need joint supplements for your horse, Epplejeck is the place to shop. We have supplements from top brands like NAF, Pavo and PharmaHorse.
Horse supplements that support the equine immune system are Garlic & Fenugreek with Seaweed, Equivital Goldmix, and Puur Vitamins and Minerals.

Equine recovery

Recovery after a disease is a long and difficult process. Your horse needs any help it can get. Improve the immune system with a vitamin boost or add NAF Booster to your horse's feed. NAF Booster helps with reduced fitness, after or during the shedding of the coat or after a stressful period. NAF has designed Booster Senior for older horses who can use a little boost. An all-round supplement to give your hrose a boost is Pavo Health Boost.

Recovery after a training is just as important. Prevent dehydration on hot summer days and add some Electrolytes to your horse's feed. Electrolytes play a large role in your the fluid balance and the nerve and muscle function of your horse as well as the maintenance of blood pH. Electrolytes are available in liquid and in solid (powder) shape, as well as grains.

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