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Supplement to promote recovery after hard work and a lot of sweating.
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  • Supplement to support the recovery after strenuous efforts or a lot of sweating
  • Replenishes the important body salts that have been lost during sweating
  • Electrolytes support the fluid balance in the body
  • Food supplement in powder form, on dextrose basis for a good absorption
  • Tip: Check regularly after a strenuous exercise or a hot summer day if your horse is not dehydrated. You do this by grabbing and pulling a piece of skin on the neck or shoulder between your thumb and forefinger. With a horse in good condition, the skin should return to normal position immediately, with a dried out horse the skin remains 'folded' or retracts very slowly back to the normal position
Composition: sodium chloride, glucose, potassium chloride, magnesium sulphate, calcium lactate, bicarbonate, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, based on dextrose with anise flavour
Use: 30 grams * at a time (after heavy exertion or excessive sweating). Mix with food or water. In case of severe symptoms of fatigue or reduced work pleasure, administer for several days in a row. Ideal for use in multi-day competitions, endurance or SGW, where your horse performs heavy labour.
Note: Make sure there is always enough fresh water at your disposal!
* 1 scoop is 10 grams
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