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NAF Electro Lytes

Handy liquid electrolyte replenishment for very hot days or excessive exertion.
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  • electrolytes for when your horse sweats due to heavy exertion or high temperatures
  • compensates for loss of electrolytes that are essential for maintaining a good fluid balance in the body
  • a shortage of electrolytes can cause dehydration
  • supplies the four essential plasma salts - sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium - in water
  • can be mixed with the feed or added to drinking water and is therefore easy to administer
  • all you need to know about the NAF Electro Lytes can be found here!

    In the case of extremely hot periods or very strenuous efforts (such as multi-day eventing and endurance), the more concentrated NAF Electrolytesin powder form are best choice.

    Use: Administer only when necessary; in case of heavy sweating due to heavy exertion and warm weather conditions.

    At top levels of performance*
    (1-3 days) 90 ml
    On competition days
    (1-3 days) 60 ml
    Low (
    maintenance) dosage 30 ml Ponies:
    On competition days (1-3 days)
    30 - 60 ml
    Low (maintenance) dosage 15 -
    30 ml

    *This includes three-day eventing, long distance endurance, very heavy sweating.

    Administer in water (preferably lukewarm), with wet food or directly in the mouth.
    Shake well before
    Ensure that clean, fresh water is always available to the horse when administering electrolytes!
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