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Equine muscles

Strong and supple muscles are vital for your horse. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a variety of supplements from known brands like Pavo, Pharmahorse and NAF which support your horse's muscles. Support your horse's muscles after training sessions by using a cooling gel from Sectolin or Leovet. A cooling gel supports rapid recovery of the muscle after intense use and has a calming effect on the horse's legs. Additionally, cooling gel supports the blood circulation. Cooling supplements are available as gel or as clay.

Muscle support for horses

A well-known supplement for horses is magnesium. But why should you add magnesium to your horse's diet? Magnesium is a mineral which has several important functions. Magnesium supports healthy muscles and transference of spurs in the nervous system. Magnesium also helps relaxing the muscles and has a calming effect. Magnesium is a vital supplement for horses in training.
Vitamin E supports the equine muscles with the drainiage of waste such as lactic acid. Normally horses gain their Vitamin E from eating out in the pasture. The green grass is the best supplier of Vitamin E, much like vegetables supply vitamins to us humans. Roughage and hay has a decreased amount of Vitamin E in it; the amount of Vitamin E in hay decreases over time. The longer it is stored the less Vitamin E it contains. Your horse's activity level as well as the turnout schedule determines how much Vitamin E is needed. Additionally, Vitamin E is stored in fat, so if your equine friend is slighty underweight due to its age for example you might need to feed a little more Vitamin E. Too much Vitamin E is not good either though, so take your time to determine a proper dosage if you start feeding a supplement containing Vitamin E.
Many Vitamin E supplements have Selenium in it as well. Selenium supports the drainage of waste from the muscles, helps support the equine immune system and aids in the rebuilding of muscles.

Buy supplements for your horse online

Get all the supplements to support your horse´s muscles at Epplejeck. Shop online, 24-7, from the comfort of home. Or head on over to one of our stores to gain additional advice from one of our employees.
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