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Vitamin E With Selenium Epplejeck

For supple and strong muscles, good muscle function and fertility support.
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  • muscle healing, strengthening, endurance increasing
  • vitamin E-selenium with lysine is a mixture of high-quality selenium, vitamin E, and lysine on the basis of dextrose, allowing the water is soluble
  • necessary for proper metabolism, promotes the exchange of oxygen to the muscles, which are important in the forward movement and is particularly suitable for the cardiac and skeletal muscles
  • is mainly fed to horses and broodmares to the muscles and fertility support
  • improves the condition, performance and oxygen from the lungs and body of horses
  • Vitamin E and selenium are important nutrients for the disposal of waste generated by muscular exertion
  • L-lysine is responsible for the elimination of active herpes viruses, and prevents contamination of these
  • L-lysine can be fed to prevent damage to the nerves or avoid what is mostly found in the Rhino Pneumonia virus
  • reduces the risk of tying up
  • 1000 gr
  • never feed more than the prescribed amount, an overdose of Vitamin E can have harmful effects!

Dosage: ponies and young animals 1 scoop per day Horses 2 scoops per day

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