Respiratory tract

Respiratory tract

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The Equine respiratory system

Healthy airways are of the utmost importance for your equine friend. Epplejeck has several supplements for sale which support your horse´s respiratory system from brands like Epplejeck and NAF. If the respiratory system doesn't function properly, oxygen is absorbed less effectively which will have consequences for the muscles of your horse. You'll notice your horse is underperforming and has a weakened condition. The equine immune system will get damaged and as a result your horse will become susceptible to infections and bacteria.

Respiratory problems in horses

Respiratory problems can be recognized most commonly by a cough as well as mucus flowing from the nose, additionally an increased respiratory rate and effort to breath may indicate respiratory problems for your equine friend. Frequent swallowing during a work out and blood seeping from the nostrils after a workout are also indications that there's something not right with the equine respiratory system. Your horse may not show all symptoms, especially coughing is nothing like when humans have a soar throat and cough every few minutes. Horses cough far less and may cough once and then not cough at all for hours. However, you should always have a vet come visit if you suspect something is wrong with your horse's respiratory tract.

Treating respiratory problems

Fresh air is important for horses, especially if your horse has respiratory problems. Make sure its stall is well ventilated and take him out to the pasture as often as you can. You can support your horse's airways with herbs, which can dissolve tough mucus in the back of its respiratory system. There are also combinations of herbs which support the equine immune system. NAF Respirator Boost, boosts the respiratory system and helps with cleansing airways. Epplejeck Bronchovital is a mix of herbs which support healthy respiratory functions; it contains fenugreek, eucalyptus and anise seeds among other things.

Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has many supplements which can contribute to a healthy respiratory system and overall immune system of your equine friend. Supplements like NAF Kof Eze, Epplejeck Fenugreek can help support a healthy respiratory tract. 

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