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Is my horse stressed?

Equine stress is often clearly recognizable. Your horse seems on edge and you are unable to get through to him. Horses are flight animals, which means their first instinct in a stressful situation is to flee. Causes of stress can also be the weaning of a foal, moving, clipping or a visit to the farrier, dentist or vet. Don't underestimate the stress caused by competitions and transport either. Stress occurs by changing the physical, mental or emotional state of your horse. The inner balance is disrupted. If your horse suffers from stress, buy anti stress supplements at Epplejeck. We have supplements from known brands like Pavo, Confidence EQ, NAF en Puur.

Equine stress supplements

The real cause of equine stress is hard to determine. If your horse seems overly sensitive to stress, acts nervously on a regular basis or is easily triggered by certain people or objects, it might suffer from chronic stress. Nervous horses, or stress sensitive horses benefit most from supplements containing magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral vital to the equine nervous system and muscle function. It reduces fatique and supports a healthy balance of electrolytes. Horses who endure stress for a prolonged period or are stress sensitive tend to go through their magnesium supply far quicker. Support your equine friend with pure magnesium or magnesium rich supplements like Puur Tranquil or Sectolin Equivital Nervo.

Stressful situations can be soothed with temporary supplements such as Puur Restless or with a paste like NAF Instant Magic or the Primeval Stressless Injector. Another easy to apply supplement is Confidence EQ gel; simply apply the gel on nostrils and it'll help your horse stay confident and calm for about 2,5 hours.

Soothe stress with horses with supplements; buy your supplements online at Epplejeck, our virtual doors are open 24/7. Or head on over to one of our stores for personal advice.

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