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NAF Oestress Liquid

Liquid supplement that naturally supports the mares' hormonal cycle by focusing on the root causes of discomfort.
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  • liquid supplement for mares that suffer from their hormones
  • naturally supports the hormonal cycle
  • unique composition of plant ingredients that support the hormone balance
  • contains magnesium to reduce excessive muscle tension and antioxidants for waste disposal
  • for moodiness and stress while on heat, supports relaxation and concentration
  • ideal for anger, aggression, clingy mare behaviour and reduced performance due to being in season
  • also suitable for geldings that suffer from their hormones
  • can be easily mixed through the feed
  • also available in powder form
  • more information about the NAF Oestress can be found on the blog!

Composition: Water, Magnesium chloride, Glycerine, Monk bilberry tincture (288 ml), Snowball tincture (240 ml), Sarashina shoma tincture (105 ml), Milk thistle seeds tincture (26.5 ml), Gynostemma pentaphyllum tincture (24 ml), Roses tincture (23.5 ml), Turmeric tincture (14.7 ml), Blueberry tincture (11.7 ml), Ginger tincture (11.7 ml), Gingko tincture (11.7 ml), Omicha berry tincture (11.7 ml).

Use: Horses: 100 ml per day (high dosage
)Maintenance dosage:
25-50 ml per day Ponies: 75 ml per day (high dosage
)Maintenance dosage:

25-50 ml per day Preferably divide
the dose over 2 feeds. If this is not possible, feed it preferably in the morning

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