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Supplement to improve your horse's achievements

Your horse's muscles are the most important part of the equine musculoskeletal. Ensure your horse's muscles stay supple and strong and buy your supplements for strong muscles at Epplejeck. Epplejeck has known brands like NAF, Cavalor, Sectolin, Puur and PharmaHorse in her product range.

Healthy equine muscles

Vitamin E is an important vitamin for your horse which it cannot producte itself. Vitamin E improves oxygen intake, blood circulation, and a healthy metabolism. A shortage of Vitamin E results in slower recovery and difficult to relax the muscles. Sports horses, young horses, older horses and pregnant mares benefit greatly from extra Vitamin E. If you want to know more about the importance of Vitamin E, read this blog.

Magnesium for horses?

Many sportshorses, stallions, mares or nervous horses get extra magnesium in their diet. Why you might ask? magnesium is a mineral with several important functions for the equine system. The mineral regulates energy production and the transference of stimulus to the nerves. If you train actively the need for magnesium is increased. A magnesium shortage may result in fatique and weak muscles.

Dehydration and electrolytes

During an intense workout your horse might start sweating and lose essential minerals. The best known supplement to help balance the minerals in the equine system is Electrolytes. Electrolytes contain minerals, natrium, kalium, chloride, calcium and magnesium. The electrolytes cover the loss of essential salts from sweating. There are also energy drinks for horse. Equana Healthy Horse Hydration is an ideal sports drink and works much like electrolytes would. If your horse can use a shot of energy, try the NAF Energy Shot Injector for an immediate boost.

Horse boots for recovery and injuries

Hot/Cold Boots are becoming more and more popular. Epplejeck has therapeutic boots from several top brands like Horseware and Shires. Therapeutic boots help relief muscles from intense training and reduce the chance of sprains, inflammations and other injuries. Find therapeutic boots right here and read more about them.
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