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Equine cooling blankets

Looking for a cooler for your horse? Stop looking and shop high-quality cooling blankets at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. We have cool looking coolers and sweat rugs from many brands like Eskadron, QHP, Anky, LeMieux and more. We also have many cooling blankets from our house brand Epplejeck. Our bestseller is the Epplejeck Zafra, which is available in eleven bright colours. If you prefer an equine cooler with neck piece check out cooler rug Epplejeck Selva. This fleece rug comes with an attached neck piece.

Use of an equine cooler rug

An equine cooling blanket or fleece rug is designed to prevent rapid cooldown of your horse after a training. A cooler has moisture wicking properties, meaning it quickly absorbs and drains any excess fluids. It's important to use a cooler when the temperatures are low and your horse is rather warm after a training. If you don´t use a cooling blanket your horse might cool down too quickly and get stiff and rigid muscles. A fleece blanket has the same function as your horse´s coat. While you are riding or exercising your horse it builds up a higher temperature, this excess heat is drained by the bodily functions and results in sweat. A fleece rug supports this by draining the sweat. A fleece rug should be dry on the inside whilst the outer is damp.
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