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Equine exercise sheets

Fleece, waterproof or fly sheet, Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a wide range of exercise sheets for your horse. Whether you want basic or bright colours, we've got the exercise sheet you are looking for from brands such as Bucas, Horseware, Busse and Harry's Horse. There are many kinds of exercise sheets. Find out which one you need.

When should I use an exercise sheet?

During winter time an exercise sheet has several functions. If you clip your horse an exercise sheet is useful if you ride outside in windy and rainy weather. Horses who have a short coat to begin with also benefit from an exercise sheet. Exercise sheets with a fleece lining are beneficial during warming up and ensure the muscles stay warm. You can remove an exercise sheet during training and then rug your horse again during cooling down. If you ride outside in rainy weather you can use waterproof exercise sheets.
If your horse has summer eczema a fly sheet might be especially useful during trail rides. It'll keep those pesky mosquitos away from your horse. Fly exercise sheets have cutouts for the legs and saddle but cover the entire neck unlike normal exercise sheets. This way you can enjoy a relaxed trail ride.

Reflective exercise sheets

Riding in the dark can be dangerous, but no more thanks to our reflective exercise sheets. These sheets have reflectors and a bright neon colour to make you stand out in the dark and ensure drivers spot you alongside the road. Epplejeck has several reflective exercise sheets for sale by several brands such as Harry's Horse, Epplejeck and QHP.

Shop an exercise sheet for your horse at Epplejeck. 24/7 from the comfort of home or head to one of our stores to touch and compare rugs and gain additional advice from one of our employees.
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