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Fly rugs

During hot days horse flies and other insects can be a real nuisance. Protect your horse from these nuisances by rugging it with a fly sheet. Fly sheets are rugs made from fine mesh which prevents insects from landing on your horse. Some fly rugs have additional features such as impregnation with a fly repellent to help keep the flies away even more effectively such as the Sweet Itch Vamoose by Horseware. The cut of a fly sheet is similar to those of turnout sheets, which allows your equine friend to move around freely in the pasture without being hindered by pesky flies.

Sweet itch rugs

A different kind of fly sheet or summer rug is the sweet itch rug. These rugs are meant for horses which suffer from summer eczema. Horses with sweet itch have allergic reactions to bug bites, notably bites from the culicinae. The culicinae is the most common subfamily of mosquitoes. Eczema rugs have an extremely fine mesh structure and fit tightly around your horse. Manes, arm pits, groins and belly are completely covered, thus preventing those mosquitoes from biting. Most eczema rugs are UV-protective as well and are still made from breathable fabrics to prevent your horse from overheating. The culicinae already appear around temperatures of about 10 degrees, depending on the other weather circumstances, such as humidity. If your horse has sweet itch it is wise to already start rugging your horse with a sweet itch rug in early spring, i.e. March. The mosquitoes are mostly active during humid weather with little wind and in wooded areas.

Fly exercise sheet

Sick of being tormented by mosquitoes during your trail ride? Protect your horse from pesky insects during your outdoor training sessions with a fly exercise sheet. These fly sheets have a cutout for the saddle so you can attach the sheet under the saddle. Don't give the horse flies and mosquitoes a chance.

Fly sheets with zebra print

You've probably seen them around. Fly rugs with a zebra print. What's so great about them? It turns out that zebras have a stripy pattern for a reason. Research shows that rugs with zebra motif are over 70% more effective. The large stripes disorient flies and mosquitoes which will repel them as the confusion makes for difficult targetting. By rugging your horse with a zebra patterned sheet you'll confuse the flies even more than you would with a normal rug.

Buy fly sheets online

Protect your horse and buy your fly sheet online at Epplejeck Horse and Rider Superstores. We offer sheets by many known brands such as Bucas, Eskadron, Harry's Horse, Shires and Imperial Riding. Shop online, 24/7, or head on over to one of our stores.
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