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Horse rugs and accessories

Find the perfect rug for your horse at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Rugs or blankets are used to offer extra comfort to your horse. Whether it's raining, windy, or freezing cold, you want your horse to stay warm and comfortable. Epplejeck has winter rugs for sale as well as anything you mgiht need during the summer, such as summer sheets, eczema blankets or fly sheets

Which horse rug does my horse need?

Epplejeck has rugs and sheets for every weather condition. Which rug is best for your horse depends on your horse's condition as well as external circumstances such as housing. There are several brands to choose from at Epplejeck. Among others we offer Bucas rugs, Horseware rugs and QHP rugs. We also have a wide range of house brand rugs. If you are unsure which rug is the right one for your horse, let alone sizing your horse for a rug be sure to check out our Rug Fitting Guide. This rug guide will tell you everything you need to know about rugs so you can rug your horse with the rug that is just right.

Washing horse rugs

It's important when you rug your horse to keep the rugs clean and free from bacteria and molds. There are special detergents for horseware products as well as sprays to renew the waterproof coating of your rug. Bucas and Horseware have developed their own laundry detergent.
Rugs tend to have a lot of loose hairs on them. Make sure to brush the rug before putting it in the washing machine and use wash balls to catch any hairs you might've missed and protect your washing machine that way.

Buying horse blankets online

You can order your horse rug at Epplejeck from the comfort of your home, 24/7. If you prefer additional advice or wish to check out the fabric of the rug or blanket before commiting to a purchase we happily welcome you in one of our superstores where our employees stand by to help you choose the right rug for your horse.
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