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What is the point of an underblanket or liner?

A liner, or under blanket, is an extra rug for your horse which can be used with your winter rug, stable rug or turnout blanket. Liners are available in several weights and some with rings to attach them to a turnout rug. Underblankets have a design that avoids sensitive pressure points and they can be combined with an outdoor rug or stable rug depending on temperature. Epplejeck has liners ranging from 100 gram, 150 gram, 200 gram, to 300 grams.

Under blankets, or under rugs, can be used separately but only indoors. Liners or underblankets are not waterproof so they should be combined with a turnout rug when used outdoors. 

Which liners go with which turnout blanket?

Horseware liners are suitable for Rambo, Rhino and Amigo Bravo rugs. Check if your rug has attachment rings or Velcro straps for an underblanket. If you use a rug and underblanket of the same brand the chances of the rug sliding are reduced. Horseware also has an entire set of a turnout rug, with 2 liners and a neckpiece, this is the Rambo Bundle Duo. With the Rambo Bundle Duo you can weather anything. Bucas has the unique Select Quilt with Stay-Dry lining which can be combined with all Bucas Turnout rugs.The turnout rugs are available in different weights as well so you can combine endlessly to create an extra thick winter rug.

Buying an underblanket for horses online

Shop your underblanket or liner at Epplejeck. Ordering is easy and is done in a few clicks. Or if you prefer additional help selecting the right liner drop by one of our stores where our employees are happy to help you out.

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