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Turnout rug for horses

Looking for a new outdoor rug for your horse? Look no further than Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores to score a new horse rug. We have rugs, sheets and blankets for every weather type. Whether you need an outdoor rug with a 0 gram, 100 gram, 200 gram, or 300 grams fill, you can choose from a variety of brands and colours. Shop strong and warm turnout rugs from brands like Bucas, Amigo, Horze and more. 
The Bucas Smartex Rain is a popular rain sheet, be sure to check this blog to find out why.

Waterproof blanket

If you need an outdoor rug, the first thing to determine which waterproofing suits the circumstances of your horse. Waterproofness is exoressed in millimetre pressure per m2. A rug with waterproofness of up to 1000 mm/m2 is water repellent, these blankets protect from drizzles and showers. One step up in waterproofness is 1000-3000 mm/m2, most rugs with this waterproofness are waterproof, however the stitching and seams are not. Heavy showers will seep through. If you want a completely waterproof rug for your horse you should choose a rug with waterproofness of 3000 mm/m2. These have welded seams or are stitched in a manner that prevents rain from finding a way through.Mind though, with strong winds rain might still blow up underneath a rug.

Outer fabric strength of horse rugs

The outer strength is indicated with Denier (D), the higher the fibre fineness the higher D or density. A rug with 450D or less is rather weak and not used for horse rugs. Most rugs have an outer of 600D. 600D is durable and strong enough to withstand normal conditions. The strongest horse rugs have a wear resistance of 2000D. To make horse rugs even stronger, many of them have Rip-stop. Rip-stop is a thick thread which is woven in the fabric in a square pattern; this prevents further tearing after a cut. No matter how strong your hrose rug is, external influences, such as nails or horse teeth, can still tear it open.
Waterproof rugs for horse by Horseware Ireland are immensely popular and of high quality. Their newest collection of Amigo Hero outdoor rugs are made with innovative ACY fabric. The Hero ACY rugs have 20% better breathability, are 30% lighter and 40% stronger than the previous generation of Amigo Hero blanket.

Which horse rug when it's cold outside

An unclipped horse has a thermoneutral zone of -5 to 15 degrees Celsius. Between these temperatures your unclipped horse won't get cold or start sweating. If you clip your horse it'll start getting cold when the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celcius. When the temperatures drop and days grow shorter your horse will start growing a winter coat to prepare for lower temperatures. The winter coat of a horse has longer hairs than a summer coat, these hairs allow for more air circulation which thus creates a natural form of insulation. If you clip this winter coat it is important to offer your horse a replacement. This is where a horse rug comes into play. If you are unsure which rug to rug your horse with you can use the Orscana rug sensor. Attach the sensor to the horse rug and it will measure the temperature, moisture level and movements of your horse.

Weight of a horse rug

How many grams rug should you use with each temperature? Here is an indication, mind though, every horse is different:
  • If the temperature lies below or around zero a weighty rug of 300 gram can be used. With inclement weather conditions you could even opt for a 400 grams rug. 
  • Between 0 and 10 degrees a light filling is enough. Rugs of 100 to 200 gram should do the trick. Make sure it is waterproof if your horse spends most of its time outdoors. 
  • With temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees a 0 gram rug is sufficient. Does your horse spend a large amount of the time outdoors? Make sure the rug is waterproof as well, so it’ll stay dry during rainy days. 

  • Not sure which turnout rug to choose for your horse? Check out our rug fitting guide to figure out which horse rug is right for your horse. Once you know which turnout rug is right for your horse you can shop online at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore 24/7 from the comfort of home.
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