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Warm winter rugs for your horse

Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore has a large collection of stable rugs and winter rugs from brands like Bucas, Horseware, and Harry's Horse. Stable rugs have a filling of 100 gram, 150 gram, 200 gram, 300 gram or even 500 gram. Stable rugs are available with neck piece and without neck piece. How thick a rug needs to be depends on your horse, how your horse is stabled and your horse's health. Some horses don't need a stable rug at all. 

Why use a stable rug during winter?

A stable blanket is designed for use when your horse is stabled. Stable rugs are breathing and lightweight and are especially suitable for clipped horses. Clipped horses no longer have a natural winter coat and as such need to be supported to stay warm. Stable rugs are not waterproof and should thus not be used outdoors. When you let your horse graze make sure to rug it with a turnout rug.

Can stable rugs be combined with turnout rugs?

Stable rugs are not suitable for outdoor use because they are not waterproof. Stable rugs can be combined with turnout rugs, however this is not always advised. The outer of a stable rug is often slick and combined with the lining of a turnout rug the two might slide causing discomfort for your horse and an ill-fitting rug. The chances of rugs sliding are high if there are no attachment options such as rings or Velcro. If you wish to combined a stable rug and a turnout rug we advise to combine your outdoor rug with a liner. The outer and inner lining are adjusted in these rug and liners have attachment rings to tighten the two rugs together and prevent sliding. Many liners can be used separately as well as a stable rug.

Harry's Horse Highliner Stable rug

Throughout the years the Harry’s Horse Highliner stable rug has proven itself as a reliable rug. Many riders use this rug and praise it for its great quality and excellent fit. Most stable sheets have a relative short back length which causes the rug to pull at the wither. This causes discomfort and perhaps even chafing. Additionally, tension is built up on the fabric and seams, causing the rug to wear off quicker. The Harry's Horse Highliner is the result of extensive research and is a comfortable rug with a high insulation value. The Highliner is available with fillings up to 500 gram. Read all about the Highliner Stable rug in this blog.

Outer fabric strength of horse rugs

The outer strength is indicated with Denier (D), the higher the fibre fineness the higher D or density. A rug with 450D or less is rather weak and not used for horse rugs. Most rugs have an outer of 600D. 600D is durable and strong enough to withstand normal conditions. The strongest horse rugs have a wear resistance of 2000D. To make horse rugs even stronger, many of them have Rip-stop. Rip-stop is a thick thread which is woven in the fabric in a square pattern; this prevents further tearing after a cut. No matter how strong your horse rug is, external influences, such as nails or horse teeth, can still tear it open. Damages caused by external influences like these does not fall under warranty.

Lining of stable rugs

Nylon is a commong lining for horse rugs and is known to be stretchy, smooth and durable. Chafing and irritation are unlikely with a nylon lining. Cotton is a natural fabric and has soft, lightweight, absorbing and breathing characteristics.
A fleece lining has as primary functions breathability and moisture wicking. Additionally, it has good insulating properties, is soft, warm, comfortable and lightweight. A fleece lining can be compared to a 50 grams filling regarding heat insulation. 

Which horse rug when it's cold outside

An unclipped horse has a thermoneutral zone of -5 to 15 degrees Celsius. Between these temperatures your unclipped horse won't get cold or start sweating. If you clip your horse it'll start getting cold when the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celcius. When the temperatures drop and days grow shorter your horse will start growing a winter coat to prepare for lower temperatures. The winter coat of a horse has longer hairs than a summer coat, these hairs allow for more air circulation which thus creates a natural form of insulation. If you clip this winter coat it is important to offer your horse a replacement. This is where a horse rug comes into play. If you are unsure which rug to rug your horse with you can use the Orscana rug sensor. Attach the sensor to the horse rug and it will measure the temperature, moisture level and movements of your horse.

Order your stable rug online 24/7

Easily order your stable rug online at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Shop from the comfort of home or visit one of our superstores for additional advice from our employees or to touch, smell and compare before purchasing a new stable rug.
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