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Is a girth sleeve or girth cover useful?

If your horse tends to have irritated skin around the girth area a girth sleeve can be the perfect solution. There are sheepskin girth sleeves, but also neoprene girth sleeves. A girth cover helps protect from chafing and is a soft cushion between skin and girth. A sheepskin girth cover is breathable and quickdrying and will offer great comfort for your horse. If you use a girth cover, make sure it is attached solidly to the girth to prevent sliding.

Protect your saddle from external influences

Muddy, dirty stirrups. No way you want to slide those up your saddle. Protect the leather of your saddle with stirrup covers by BR. Simply put them around the stirrup and slide the stirrup leathers through the designated slits to keep your saddle in perfect condition. A saddle cover will protect your saddle from dust and scratching when you store it in the tack room or on the road in the horse box. 
Epplejeck also has Shires saddle covers in their product range. These waterproof saddle covers have slits to slide the stirrup leathers through, so you can protect your saddle during a rainy trail ride.  

Whether you need a saddle bag, saddle seat, girth sleeve or a Wintec gullet, Epplejeck's virtual doors are open 24/7.

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