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An English saddle is not complete without a girth. Epplejeck has a large selection of girths to choose from. There is sure to be a girth that fits your horse comfortably. We've got anatomical dressage girths, jumping belly guard girths, or basic neoprene girths and more. Our product range includes girths by BR, LeMieux, Prolite and of course also house brand girths. Dressage girths are available in straight or anatomic fits.

Popular girths

Girths by Prolite are immensely popular. Epplejeck has the dressage girth Prolite Narrow Freedom as well as the Prolite Classic Freedom in their product range. The narrow girth is very suitable for horses with less than 20cm of space between the front legs. The Prolite girths are made from high tech fabrics with moisture wicking properties; they allow for freedom of movement and relieve pressure. Other popular girths include the BR sheepskin anatomic, Kieffer Exclusiv and the Epplejeck neoprene girth. 

Belly guard girth

What's the use of a belly guard girth?A belly guard girth protects your horse's belly when jumping. Sometimes when performing a jump, your horse's hoofs might touch your horse's belly, a belly guard girth prevents damage to the belly. The girth covers most of the belly and thus reduces the chance of taps and kicks. The belly guard is made from breathing material and has an ergonomic shape. Epplejeck has belly guard girths by QHP and Shires.

Anti-roll girth for horses

An anti-roll girth is to prevent a horse to roll. An anti-roll girth consists of a bar on the top with a girth that straps around the belly like any other girth. The girth sits close to the wither and thus prevents your horse to roll over. The anti-roll girth by Gallagher can be used for their Smart Birth Alarms.
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