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At Epplejeck you can choose from several kinds of half pads. Our product range includes gel pads, sheepskin half pads, and therapeutic half pads. There are all kinds of half pads, but in the end they serve the same purpose: to improve the pressure distribution and relieve pressure on the back of the horse. If the saddle fits properly, a half pad shouldn't be needed. However, in some situations a half pad might give you an edge. Half pads are not a solution for ill-fitting saddle. Should you have an ill-fitting saddle we recommend getting in touch with a saddlemaker.

When should I use a half pad?

A half pad can improve the training conditions if your horse has a sore back, if your saddle is uneven, or if your horse's build is changing. A half pad can improve the contact between saddle and back. Half pads reduce the impact of your weight on the horse's spine. If your hrose has a sensitive back, a half pad can give comfort for your horse. Should your saddle be slightly uneven, you can correct this with a half pad as well. A backriser pad can lift the back of the saddle, whereas a frontriser pad can relieve pressure off the wither. If your saddle doesn't fit right on your horse we recommend a saddlemaker. Before visiting a saddlemaker a half pad can be a temporary solution. A half pad is also useful if your horse's build is changing, for example after a standstill or during weight loss due to colder weather.

Which half pad is best?

The most popular half pad is the sheepskin half pad. A sheepskin half pad is shock absorbing and helps with even pressure distribution.There's sheepskin half pads which have a cutback spine to remove pressure from the spine. When using these pads it is important it won't result in your saddle being to small. A sheepskin half pad is perfect when your horse has a lost some weight or after a standstill. Another well-known half pad is the gel pad. A gel pad creates an even pressure distribution and is shock absorbing. We have half pads by BR, Harry's Horse, and LeMieux
We also have half pads with extra compartments to fix temporary flaws in balance. We recommend having a saddlemaker check your saddle and its position at least once every six months.
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