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Saddle pads

A classic Eskadron saddle pad, a therapeutic Anky pad, or a colourful HV Polo saddle pad. So many saddle pads to choose from in every colour imaginable. Hundreds of saddle pads in stock so you're sure to find the saddle pad you need at Epplejeck Horse & Rider superstore. We've got everything from dressage pads to all-purpose pads, as well as half pads. Dressage saddle pads have a straight, long shape, matching dressage saddles. All-purpose saddle pads can be used with a jumping saddle or an all-purpose saddle. Saddle pads prevent chafing of the saddle and serves as a cushion. Many saddle pads have moisture wicking features so you'll also protect your saddle from sweat stains, and protect the durability and longevity of the leather.

Anky pads

Most saddle pad have the same shape and general design. Anky saddle pads are unique with their thicker padding. These pads do not have saddle or girth loops, but the suèdine outer ensures the saddle stays in place. Extra stability of the saddle is created with silicone lettering on both sides of the Anky saddle pad. Anky pads have Coolmax lining which is moisture wicking, meaning that it absorbs sweat and bodily fluids and then dries quickly. Anky pads have an anatomical design for an excellent fit.

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