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A saddle is a large and important piece of tack. It's vital to purchase a well-fitting saddle . Epplejeck is the tack shop to be to find the perfect horse saddle. At Epplejeck you can choose from dressage saddles, jumping saddles and all-purpose saddles from brands like Kieffer and Wintec. Even trendy Shetland saddles so you can ride your ride your Shetland pony in style.

Which saddle should I choose?

Which saddle suits you best depends on your horse, your discipline, and your goal. There are different types of saddles to choose from. Are you entering dressage events on a regular basis? A dressage saddle is your best bet. However if you focus on jumping it would be wiser to use a jumping saddle. If you practice a bit of both, the all-purpose saddle is a good choice. A dressage saddle accommodates a longer leg position with its long, straight-cut flaps. Dressage saddles have a deeper seat and the cantle is high and round so the rider can sit comfortably and aids reach the horse in the best way possible. A jumping saddle has a forward-cut flap allowing your legs to bend more and it has a seat that is less deep to easier rise up during the jump. An all-purpose saddle is basically a mix of a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle. The flaps are slightly longer than those of a jumping saddle and a somewhat forward flap. If you want to use one saddle for both jumping and dressage an all-purpose saddle is your go-to.

Treeless saddle

A treeless saddle is also called bareback pad. At Epplejeck we have a large collection of treeless saddles. When riding with a bareback pad, you'll be in close-contact with your horse. Basically, a bareback pad is nothing more but a thick saddle pad with a girth so it stays in place. A treeless saddle doesn't constrict your horse's movements like an English saddle would. 

Saddle maintenance

When using a saddle regularly it should be cleaned and treated at least once a month. If you use it exhaustively, or if you ride outdoors a lot it is advised to clean your saddle more often. Proper maintenance and treatment of a saddle will increase its longevity. You can read all about saddle maintenance right here.
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