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Epplejeck has stirrups in every colour you can imagine. Robust polymer stirrups, classic stainless steel, or lightweight aluminum stirrups, whatever tickles your fancy. Most stirrups have a flat footbed, however usually the stirrup pads can easily be switched out with slanting or wedge stirrup pads. There are aluminum and rubber stirrup pads, aluminum stirrup pads tend to be less slippery. Special safety stirrups protect you during a fall and will prevent your foot from getting stuck in the stirrup. Asymmetrical stirrups are suitable if you have trouble maintaining the right leg position, as these force your ankle inwards and your heel down.

Compositi stirrups

One of the most popular stirrups aside from the traditional stainless steel stirrups are the stirrups by Compositi. Compositi stirrups are lightweight because they are made from durable polymer. These stirrups are durable and require little maintenance. Matching stirrup pads are available in 7 colours, so you can always adjust the Compositi stirrups to your style. 
Compositi also has carbon stirrups. These stirrups reflex carbon have a trendy carbon look with shock absorbing and flexible footbed. These carbon stirrups are lightweight like the others with little maintenance needed.
Lastly, Compositi has Safety Toeclip Toe Stoppers. These are extensions for the stirrups, which will prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup; they are really useful in endurance, cross or for beginners.

Bow Balance Sprenger beugels

The right stirrup can make a difference if you have a bad knee or muscle aches. Bow Balance stirrups offer optimal support thanks to a wider footbed and flexibility your feet's movement is supported. It'll improve your leg position and will reduce your aches and pains. Read all about Sprenger Bow Balance in this blog.
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