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You can use the Epplejeck VIP card in our stores when paying for your purchase, but even without a VIP card you can, of course, pay for your purchases and benefit from promotions and discounts. To register as a VIP member of Epplejeck, we need some information from you: your name, address, email, phone number and date of birth.

By sharing your data with us, you can benefit from several advantages. For example, you can earn points when you make a purchase at one of our stores. These points represent a certain amount of money that you can redeem at the cash desk at any time. We can also easily find your purchase receipt again if you lost it and unexpectedly need it, for example in the event of a warranty case. In addition, it is useful to be a VIP member when a recall of a certain product occurs. This way we will know if you purchased that particular product and we will reach you and inform you about a manufacturing error in the product. This can prevent unpleasant situations.
We also ask for your date of birth because we would like to make your birthday even more festive with a gift from Epplejeck. It is not mandatory to share these with us.
In addition, we use the data from the VIP card to get to know you better so that we can tailor our products even better to your interests.
If you have a VIP card, we will link all the data we receive from you to your VIP card profile.

The data will be saved as long as you are a VIP member of Epplejeck. If you cancel your VIP membership, your data will be deleted. You can cancel your VIP card by sending an e-mail to info@ej.nl.

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