Participating in a test panel

At Epplejeck, we will regulary post a message to invite you to voluntarily participate in a test panel. You can then test products and share your experiences with these products. When we choose you to participate in the panel, we will ask you for various personal details, depending on the product that's about to be tested. We will always ask you for your name, address and email address. This way we can easily contact you if you and send the product to the right address.

The data we receive from you for participating in a test panel is stored for 2 years. This allows us to check that the test panel consists of different testers each time. When we ask you to write a review about the product, it will be placed on the website. Only your first name and your experience with the product will be mentioned. This review is always available on the website.

To send out the products to be tested, we share your data with PostNL. They only use your data for sending the product and not for other purposes.
If the product is offered by an Epplejeck supplier and also sent to you from that supplier, we will share your details with the supplier in question. The supplier only uses your data for sending the product and not for other purposes.

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