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When you visit the Epplejeck website, cookies are distributed. A cookie (also known as an HTTP cookie) removes small text files from our website and puts them on the hard disk of your computer or mobile phone when you visit the website.

Thanks to cookies, you do not have to enter or download the same information every time you come back to us. Very convenient! For example, cookies allow you to stay logged in while you're using our site, but they also keep track of the products you've recently viewed. You also need cookies to keep your shopping basket filled.
Cookies also help us understand how you use our website. This way we can ensure an even better website and make it as user-friendly as possible! And to be honest, cookies are also used in our marketing. Advertisements made specifically for you may be shown when visiting different websites.

Epplejeck applies the following cookies:
Required cookies: Certain cookies are necessary for the site to function correctly. They are used to authenticate visitors so that we can identify the visitor during a web session and to register you to our website.
Functional cookies: The placement and use of this type of cookie does not require prior consent. These cookies play a functional role within the website. For example, this cookie fills your shopping cart, remembers your login or records whether another cookie may or may not be set. Functional cookies are necessary for Epplejeck to function properly.
Tracking cookies: These cookies are used to track your visit to the website in order to obtain information about your interests. We ask your permission for these cookies.
Marketing (ad) cookies: These cookies are used to show you relevant and personalized ads and to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. It also remembers your visit to the website. We ask your permission for these cookies.
Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to analyze the usage of the website. Because we have set these cookies in a privacy-friendly manner, entirely in accordance with the guidelines of the GDPR, we do not need to ask your permission for this. We have made a processing agreement with Google. In addition, we have masked the last eight numbers of the IP address, disabled 'data sharing' with Google, and do not use any other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

Some cookies are deleted immediately when you close your browser. Other cookies (those with login credentials) may remain on your computer for years if you do not delete them. You can delete cookies at any time. Please refer to the manual of your browser. There is a risk that a website will no longer function optimally when cookies are deleted.

Please refer to our cookie statement for more information about the different cookies and whether we ask for your permission.

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Epplejeck would like to offer you some cookies. Unfortunately, these aren’t horse cookies, but (temporary) files for your PC, tablet or mobile phone. These cookies make sure that our website remembers your personal information and preferences, so you don’t have to fill them in every time you visit us. Super convenient and you won’t notice it at all! Have fun on our website!