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Riding boot bags

If you want to protect your riding boot from dirt and scratches when you're not wearing them, try a boot bag. A practical bag in which you can store your boots safely. Most bags are easy to carry; which is ideal if you don't want to leave your boots at the stables or if you want to bring them to a competition. Most boot bags have an extra compartment as well to store a wallet or phone. There are boot bags with separate compartments for each boot so they won't even be able to damage each other during transport either. Other boot bags are extra large and offer room for a helmet and a whip as well. Epplejeck has boot bags from known brands like Imperial Riding, Harry's Horse and Anky.

Boot tree or boot jack

Having difficulty taking off your boots after riding? Your swollen legs simply won't let go of the boot? Try a boot jack. Simply place one foot on the jack and stick the heel of the other in the opening and pull. Your boots will come off without a hitch. If you want to preserve your boots even further, use a boot tree when you don't use them. A boot tree helps retain the shape of the boot and prevents unneccessary crinkles in the leather riding boot.

Riding boot accessories

Anything you can imagine to finish your riding boots: insoles, heels, laces and boot clips. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore has got it in stock. Shop 24/7 as our virtual doors are open all day long. Not fully satisfied with your order? We have a 30-day return policy.
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