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Half chaps for kids, men and women

Looking for trendy, colourful riding chaps for kids? Shop your half chaps right here. Epplejeck has mini chaps in every size and calf width. Half chaps can be made from leather, fake leather, neoprene or suède. Some half chaps have bling features like rhinestones or patent leather. Half chaps are chaps that reach to your knee and turn your jodhpur boots in riding boots. We have Ariat half chaps, but also half chaps by other top brands such as Harry's Horse, Kieffer, QHP, Imperial Riding and our Epplejeck store brand.

Half chaps or riding boots?

What's the difference between riding boots and half chaps? Half chaps tend to offer more freedom of movement and in some cases comfort. The jodhpur boots and half chap are separate and thus restrict less. Riding boots constrict the space around your ankle more, because riding boots consists of one part. It is often allowed to ride a dressage test wearing half chaps and jodhpur boots as long as the combination is the same colour and made from leather. Half chaps have a practical loop which you slide across the jodhpur boot and under your foot so the chap will stay in place.

Leather chaps for horse riding

Chaps are available in different materials. Most common are leather chaps. Epplejeck has many leather half chaps in their product range. However, we also offer neoprene and fake leather chaps to fit every budget. If you want durable and strong half chaps choose leather chaps. When you do make sure to treat them right and use leather cream or balm to increase the longevity of your leather chaps.

Buy leather chaps online at Epplejeck. Shop 24/7 from the comfort of home. We ship worldwide.

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