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Equestrian boots and shoes

Find women's riding boots at Epplejeck. You'll surely find the right fit among our range of over 150 boots. We have boots for daily use, thermal boots or elegant, sparkling riding boots that'll make you shine in the arena.
At Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores we have boots made from different materials, leather boots, rubber boots, or fake leather boots. Unique designs with exclusive details and functions. Whether you prefer a sporty or an elegant look, we have the boot for you. We offer a wide collection from brands like Ariat, Petrie, Tonics, Epplejeck, and more.

Jodhpurs and half chaps

Jodhpurs are ankle high shoes with a sole that is suitable for riding with stirrups; zip on some half chaps and you can ride off into the sunset. Jodhpurs are also called paddock boots. Jodhpurs are comfortable shoes which can be worn when working around the stable they often have an elastic inset so they are easy to put on or take off. Some jodhpurs have a zipper others can be fastened with laces. Jodhpurs come in many colours and designs. Epplejeck has a wide range of half chaps. Choose from over 25 different models. Find a sparkly half chap or settle for a sober black leather half chap.

Outdoor boots or paddock shoes

Stable or paddock shoes are perfect to wear whilst working around the stables. They are often waterproof with a comfortable sole. These boots are not suitable for riding with stirrups as the sole and model is too large to fit in a stirrup without risking getting stuck. 
Outdoor boots are highly comfortable during muddy weather conditions. Wear them around the stables or on the competition fields. Outdoor boots are available in several heights and can be used for daily use. Outdoor boots are not suitable for riding with stirrups either.

Thermal boots

Defy King Winter with our wide range of thermal boots. Thermal boots are lined with warm fleece or faux-fur and some are even suitable for riding. Thermal boots with a large foot and crude profile are not usually suitable for riding.

Shop equestrian footwear online

Looking for women's or men's riding boots? Shop 24/7 straight from the comfort of home at Epplejeck. Or simply head to one of our stores to try those boots on before you buy.
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