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Riding boot maintenance

Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a large selection of boot cleaners and creams. It is important to clean your boots or shoes regularly to improve their lifespan. Clean your shoes with a clean, moist cloth every day, or perhaps after every time you've used them if you don't use them daily. Remove any dirt and filth and don't forget the edges around the soles as dirt easily gets stuck there. Don't rinse your boots or shoes, they should never get too wet. If they are wet from use, dry them at room temperature and add moist absorbing paper on the inside. Room temperature is the preferred way to dry boots or shoes, never ever put them near a heat source or radiator as this will cause dehydration of the leather.

Boot care

A practical set for boot care is the Petrie Bootcare set. This set consists of a cleaner and a cream and comes with cleaning cloths. Other great products include the Ariat cream, which ensures a beautiful gloss on the leather and improves water resistance of the leather. Keeping zippers clean is important as well. To easily remove sand from boot zippers, jodhpur zippers or zippers of your half chaps use the Petrie Zipp spray. Wanna know more about boot care? Read it here.
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