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Comfortable equestrian gloves

Riding gloves are gloves designed for horse riding. These gloves protect your hands and fingers from friction and pressure of the reins. Epplejeck has over 80 different models equine riding gloves for men, women, and kids. Choose from a variety of fabrics such as leather or fleece gloves and they are available in many colours with or without fun detailing and prints. Shop horse riding gloves by brands like Roeckl, Kingsland, Ariat, Shires and more.

Should I use horse riding gloves?

Horse riding gloves are meant support good grip on the reins and to protect your hands and fingers from friction. Most gloves have a slip resistant palm to help keep grip on the reins of your bridle.They are reinforced in the rein areas to prevent rapid wear and tear. Additionally, riding gloves protect your hands from the cold. Many gloves are made from water repellent fabrics and have a high breathability. The right size glove makes a difference, make sure riding gloves fit properly so you won't lose contact with the horse's mouth.

Riding gloves made from different fabrics

Riding gloves are available in all sorts of fabrics. Simple, yet comfortable fleece riding gloves, but also cotton, fake leather, polyester, suède, neoprene or leather gloves are an option. Riding gloves often have elastic insets for extra comfort. Many gloves have mesh insets as well, this allows for extra breathability and prevents sweaty palms. 

Winter equestrian gloves

Thermal gloves are the perfect solution to a cold, winter day. These are thick gloves with thermal lining which keep your hands warm. The palm is anti-slip as with most riding gloves. Epplejeck has thermal riding gloves with Magic Touch so you don't even have to take off your gloves to use your mobile phone. 

Summer equestrian gloves

If you want to use gloves during summer it is best to choose light gloves made from airy and breathable fabrics to prevent sweaty palms. The Roeckl Malia riding gloves are designed for summer and have a sun screen protector of 50+. If you want your hands to get a tan as well and still wear gloves you can buy the Epplejeck summervibes gloves. These riding gloves have an upper that doesn't block the sun, Roeckl has similar riding gloves: the Roeckl Laila gloves.

Order your horse riding glvoes now at Epplejeck. Or head to one of our stores to try on the gloves before buying.

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