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Riding breeches for men, women, and kids

Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has riding breeches from many brands for men, women and kids. Cute designs with shiny detailing or sober riding breeches in black, blue, or brown. We've got riding breeches designed for kids from known brands like Red Horse, Montar, and QHP. Even cute pink or blue riding breeches for the little ones. Epplejeck has riding breeches with leather seat as well as silicone seats.

Which seat to choose with riding breeches?

Riding breeches are designed for horse riding. Riding breeches have a tight fit and are made from comfortable fabric. Seams are designed in a way so they don't cause irritation during riding. A supple fabric is vital during horse riding. Riding breeches can have a (fake) leather, silicone or self-fabric seat. You can choose for a full seat, this means the entire inner legs and seat is (fake) leather; or full grip, which means the entire inner legs and seat have silicones. Additionally you can choose for just knee-grip.

Riding breeches with a self-fabric seat

Self-fabric seat riding breeches use the same fabric throughout the entire breeches. There is no patch on the seat or knees for increased grip. It offers maximum freedom of movement, but requires a stable position of the rider as you slide in the saddle. If you wish to have more grip in the saddle try breeches with a leather or silicone seat.

Riding breeches with a leather seat

Leather seat riding breeches (Full Seat) allow for more grip in the saddle. With a leather seat you'll slide less in the saddle, which makes it easier to sit trot for example. There are riding breecehs with fake leather seats and riding breeches with leather seats. A leather seat supports a stable position in the saddle. If you wish to keep freedom of movement in the saddle, but want more grip around the knees you can choose riding breeches with knee-grip

Riding breeches with a silicone seat

Silicones are rubbery and used in a variety of products such as smart phone cases and kitchen accessories. Riding breeches with a silicone seat offer extra grip in the saddle. Silicones are slip resistant yet flexible, they'll move with the stretch in your riding breeches but will stick you to the saddle like glue. If you just want some extra grip around the knees you can buy riding breeches with silicone knee patches.

Riding tights or riding breeches?

Riding tights are a new phenomenon in the equine industry. Riding tights offer maximum comfort, no longer buttons or a zipper poking your belly. Riding tights are soft and elastic and made from technical fabrics which are moisture wicking. Most riding tights have a high waist for an extra comfortable fit. Riding tights are available in sporty designs for a casual look. 

Order riding tights or riding breeches 24/7 at Epplejeck.
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