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Equestrian underwear

Since a few years equestrian underwear is finally developing at the same pace as underwear for sports like cycling and rowing. Horse riding is an intensive sport which involves a lot of sitting. The right underwear is a must. Derrière is the best known equestrian underwear manufacturer. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores is proud to have Derrière in their product range. We've got slips and shorties for both men and women in our range. If you have a sore bottom after riding, try Derrière underwear and feel the difference immediately. The fabric is moist wicking and protects from chafing and is nearly seamless. The fabric also has antibacterial properties. Stay fresh and comfortable during long trail rides or during competitions with equestrian underwear.

Sports bras for horse riding

The right sports bra makes all the difference. Sports bras have a shockabsorbing function which reduces the chance of damage to muscle tissue. Epplejeck offers Anita sports bras. These bras have ergonomic shoulder straps and are made from breathing mesh and microfibre fabrics.

Buy equestrian underwear online

Shop til you drop at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Either online or in stores. Find equestrian underwear and sports bras and anything else you might need to ensure a comfortable ride.
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