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Buy equestrian clothing online

Epplejeck has a wide range of basics. Timeless iteams which can be combined endlessly with riding breeches or jeans. Shop classics from brands like Epplejeck, HV Polo, Montar, Kingsland and Esperado Looking for a basic polo shirt for men? Make sure to check out our collection of polo shirts. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has polo shirts in a variety of colours, whether you like basic or a neon coloured shirt. Get a classic look for the Polo shirt Hagg Peanut for men. Another great choice is the Epplejeck Logo shirt, which is available for men, women and kids in black or pink. If it's too cold out to wear just a shirt you can choose to wear some of our comfortable vests. We have a wide range of vests for men as well as vests for ladies and kids. Trendy colours in a classic style, easily combined with horse riding pants, but not confined to the equestrian arena. These vests also go great with a pair of jeans. If it is getting really cold out, make sure to check out our coats and jackets. Classics like the Kingsland bomber jacket are available for men, ladies and kids or in a unisex edition.

Equestrian training shirts

Our collection includes clothing specifically designed for equestrians with moisture wicking and anti-bacterial properties. These items keep you fresh and prevent odors during horse riding. If you're looking for a practical polo shirt which also helps your seat in the saddle have a look at the HV Polo Correction Pro; this shirt is a training shirt which is designed in such a manner it helps you keep your back straight without limiting your freedom of movement. It is a unique design and can be used with a competition jacket.

Order your basic equestrian wear at Epplejeck. Straight from the comfort of home; our virtual doors are open 24/7. If you prefer to try before you buy, head on over to one of our stores.

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