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Shop your competition gear at Epplejeck

Are you planning to enter competitions with your horse? Whether it's dressage or show-jumping competitions, you'll surely steal the show with the competition wear you can buy at Epplejeck. A competition jacket should fit comfortably and not hinder you in your movements. A complete competition outfit consist of white riding breeches, a show shirt, a competition jacket, and to finish it off you can add a stock tie. If you want to steal the show with your look you can use a hair clip, hair net, or chic bow to tighten your hair into a knot. A stock tiecan be livened up with a stock pin.

Horseback riding competition attire regulations

Over the years not much has changed in regulations regarding competition attire for equestrians. Breeches are expected to be white, off-white, or fawn; competition jackets, however, appear in more fashionable colours. Whilst most equestrian competitions follow roughly the same guidelines, make sure to check out the dress regulations before entering a competition.

Order equestrian competition attire online

Epplejeck has a large collection of competition attire for riders. Shop known brands like Accademia, Kingsland, Anky, and Lotus Romeo 24/7 from the comfort of home. Sporty or elegant, we've got a wide range so you'll be able to steal the horse show with your competition outfit.
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