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Practical accessories to bring to horse events

Looking for practical tools for horse events? Shop passport folders, studs, or handy Quick Knot mane clips at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Missing buttons on your competition jacket? Epplejeck sells loose buttons to complete your outfit once more.

Braiding using Quick Knot by Hes-Tec

Quick Knot is a patented must-have tool for achieving flawless competition braids in a matter of seconds. No needle and thread needed and the quick knot is as easy to put in as it is to remove. The Quick Knot is available in four colours: black, brown, white, and silver. Productguru Manon shows you how to use the Quick Knot in this video (English subtitles available). Quick Knots are also available in XL. As with all braiding techniques, practice makes perfect.

Studs for outdoor competitions

Grass studs, mud studs or road studs. Epplejeck has studs for every terrain so you can perform the perfect kür. If you have trouble getting ready in time when twisting studs on location try our StudShus. Simply get your horse's shoes ready with studs and put on the StudShus. Of course studs should still not be in the horse shoe any longer than necessary so make sure you remove them after you are done competing.
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