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Hair accessories as a finishing touch

Complete your horse riding gear with hair accessories from Epplejeck Horse and Rider Superstores. In advanced dressage events it is important to look the part. This of course includes neatly tied hair. Whether you prefer to use hair clippers or hair bows, we've got what you need. Tuck away stubborn hairs with cute hair pins by BR or simply fold your hair into a hair net

How to make the perfect bun for a horse event?

Having difficulty creating the perfect look to wear under your safety helmet? These simple steps will help you. First make a low pony tail in the back of your neck. Stick the pony tail through the donut and wrap your hair around it before wrapping a scrungee around it. Tuck away the remaining hair by rolling it up and sticking it under the bun. If your hair is long enough you can braid the remaining hair and wrap this around the entire bun for an exclusive look.

Shop hair accessories online at Epplejeck from brands like BR, Horka, Epplejeck and Imperial Riding.

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