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What is a stock pin?

A stock pin is needed when you are an equestrian who uses a stock tie that needs to be folded still. The stock tie needs to be fastened with a stock pin. There are many stock ties that do not need to be folded, but can simply be fastened around the neck with a Velcro strap. However, if you have a stock tie that still needs folding use the stock pin in the middle where the two flaps meet. This will keep the stock tie together and will make it look neat. Stock ties are not always mandatory at horse events, depending on level and difficulty of the event. Read all about rules regarding equestrian attire below. Epplejeck has stock pins in many shapes and colours. Wish yourself luck with the Lucky stock pin, or show your love for unicorns with theunicorn stock pin.

International rules and regulations regarding equestrian attire

Depending on the discipline your ride in as well as the difficulty level clothing regulations may vary. Always make sure to check the rules of the riding event beforehand to avoid disappointment.

In general riding breeches and jodhpurs for show jumping should be white, pale yellow or fawn. Show jumping jackets are tailored or fitted and in a darker colour; traditionally riding jackets are black, however navy, green or burgundy is often permitted as well. A shirt should be white or pastel coloured with a white collar and tie. 
Dressage events tend to have far more formal dress regulations. Advanced dressage requires a formal tailcoat with top hat. A fitted black or navy jacket is also permitted. Most riders choose white riding breeches, however cream or beige is also allowed. Stock tie and showshirt should be white or cream and the stock tie should be tied correctly.
In most disciplines long, black riding boots are used, however matching jodhpur boots and half chaps are often accepted in show jumping and eventing horse events as well.
Over the years the restrictions to colour have faded more and more, however during advanced events this is often still obeyed. Yet, even in advanced dressage events riders often wear attire which has detailing of their country for example. Show jumping and eventing events tend to require less formal wear than dressage events. Local horse events tend to be even less formal, however always make sure you comply to the regulations set to avoid disqualification.

Buy stock ties and stock pins online

Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has the stock tie and pin you need. Shop online 24/7 from the comfort of home. Or head to one of our Superstores to gain additional advice and try and compare before you buy.
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