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Rider fitness in the equine industry

Rider fitness is becoming more and more important in the equine industry. By keeping your own fitness and energy up you and your horse form a better team. Your horse is an athlete, so you should be too.
The rider fitness shop at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores offers fun products to work on your balance, fitness and train your abdominal muscles. Exercises with a fitness ball can be fun and effective. Force your body to the limit when doing exercises on a wobbly, unstable fitness ball. Learn about your balance and the effect of it and train to sit still and balanced on your horse.
The balance board is multifunctional, it improves balance, coordination, power and blood circulation. You can either sit on the balance board or stand on it. The unique design activates your muscles and the nubs massage your buttocks, feet, or back.
Jumping rope is a perfect sport to lose weight and increases your stamina. It is beneficial for your cardiovascular fitness and builds muscle in your arms, calfs and abdominal area. Jumping rope burns off more calories than running.
To bring your workout to the limit Epplejeck has dumbells for sale. Dumbells can be used for many different exercises and muscle trainings.

Shop your rider fitness products at Epplejeck 24/7 from the comfort of home.

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