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Stay safe during horseback riding

Explore a wide range of safety items for equestrians and horses. Find your horse riding helmet, body protectors and reflective wear at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. You'll also find nifty accessories like a helmet bag and helmet fresh spray. A safety helmet is mandatory when riding at competitions or at the stables. A safety helmet protects your head during a fall and can prevent serious injury.

Buy a horse riding helmet online

Epplejeck has a wide range of safety helmets from top brands such as Uvex, Charles Owen, KEP Italia, Casco and more. Whether you want a plain safety helmet or a horse riding helmet with a little added sparkle and shine, you'll shop it at Epplejeck.

Horse riding body protector

A body protector protects your spine, ribs and any organs underneath in case of a fall. A body protector van prevent serious injuries. Horse riding body protectors are supple and offer plenty of freedom of movement, so you'll be able to ride comfortably and safe. many jockets, showjumpers and beginners are helped with a body protector. Epplejeck has bodyprotectors for sale from brands like Horka and USG.

Reflective wear

High visibility is important when riding in the dark. Shop your reflective items at Epplejeck and make sure you are visible when riding your horse on the streets. Buy reflective bandages or a reflective exercise sheet at Epplejeck and make sure drivers can see you from afar. We also have reflective leg protection and reflective jackets for sale. No chance to be overlooked.

Mount your horse safely and stay safe with the Safety shop at Epplejeck. Order within just a few clicks on in our webshop or visit one of our stores to touch, smell, and compare before you buy.
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