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Horse riding helmets

Epplejeck has a wide range of horse riding helmets. Whether you like a little shine, sparkle, motif, or simply a black, brown or blue safety helmet. We've got equestrian helmets for adults and kids. A riding helmet is obligatory during competitions and when riding at the stables or outdoors. Wearing a helmet protects your head in case of a fall. Epplejeck has safety helmets from brands like Charles Owen, KEP Italia, Harry's Horse, Equi Theme and more.

Comfortable fit

A riding helmet should have a comfortable fit. Make sure you have the right size helmet. A proper fitting horse riding helmet should not fall off even without fastening the chin strap, yet it should also not sit too tight as this can cause a headache. Most helmet sizes are indicated in centimeters. Measure the width of your head at its widest point to determine the size. Decide whether you have an oval shaped head or more round. Some safety helmets are more suitable for a round head, others for a more oval head. The riding helmets by Harry's Horse tend to have a round fit. KEP Italia has different linings, to suit your head shape.

Adjustable safety helmet

Many safety helmets have an adjustment system. You can adapt the size of these helmets by twisting the knob in the back. These helmets are especially suitable for kids, as this allows them to enjoy the helmet much longer while they grow up. Some helmets even have an adjustment system that works both vertically and horizontally, to completely adapt the helmet to your head.

Buy horse riding helmets online

Buy a horse riding helmet at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Straight from the comfort of home, 24/7. Or head on over to one of our stores for personal advice from our employees and the opportunity to try before you buy.
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