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Safety Helmet Uvex Exxential VG1 Mat

€ 99.95 - Buy 2, get 3 99.95
The sporty safety helmet Uvex Exxential for an optimal fit and extra ventilation.
Selected color: Black
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  • Worldwide delivery
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 30-day return policy
  • Secure SSL payment
  • sporty Uvex safety helmet with technical details
  • extra lightweight
  • meets the latest VG1 safety standard
  • ventilation system suitable for all weather conditions; can be opened and closed
  • flexible valve for extra safety
  • IAS-3D technique: each head is shaped differently, in order to fit the helmet perfectly, it can be adjusted both in width and height up to the mm
  • comfortable, anatomically shaped chin strap that can be attached and detached with one hand
  • the new R-FAS system ensures that the straps along the ears can also be adjusted to your personal preferences
  • EPS foam is sprayed in an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell for a light yet extremely stable and reliable construction

The protection of a safety helmet is reduced by use. Once a cap has taken a substantial impact, with or without a rider, it should always be replaced.

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Safety helmets
All safety helmets offered on our website meet the mandatory EN1385 and CE marks such as the KNHS and FNRS demands on riding schools, associations and official matches. 

What is my safety helmet size?
To find out which cap size you need, please measure your head as shown in the image stated below (right above your ears an eyebrows). The centimetres measured is the right safety helmet size.

Tip: A safety helmet should fit snugly and the chin strap should not be too tight. You should be able to feel the strap when you open your mouth.

Good to know! The protection of a safety helmet decreases with use. If a safety helmet has fallen, with or without a rider, it should always be replaced. 

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