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Spurs and whips

Looking for a quicker response to your aids? Is your horse rather stubborn and unwilling? External aids like spurs or a whip might help. There are all sorts of spurs available to aid you in your efforts to get the aids across. There are Prince of Wales spurs, knob-end spurs and rowelled spurs.
Epplejeck has many whips in their product range. Lunging whips, dressage whips and show jumping whips. Dressage whips tend to be longer than show jumping whips. Show jumping whips have a length of 40 cm to 65 cm; dressage whips have a length of 80cm or longer. Show jumping whips are meant to give an extra tap on the neck to alert the horse to jump. A whip should only be used when truly necessary. Try to bring your aids across with as little power as possible; start small and only whip your horse or use your spurs to increase your aids. Allow your horse to respond to your aids before using spurs or a whip. If you use whips or spurs, try to minimalise their use over time.
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