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Horse riding spurs

A spur is a metal tool with a so-called heel band or shank which can be attached to horse riding boots using a spur strap. At the back a small piece of metal will stick out. Either in the shape of a ball or a knob. Spurs are meant to enhance your natural aids when horse riding. When spurring a horse forwards the knob at the end of spur can enhance your aid by poking the horse's belly, creating an uncomfortable feeling.

Not every horse benefits from spurs. If your horse responds well to your natural aids you shouldn't bother with spurs. Riding with spurs doesn't mean reinforcing every aid with the spurs; spurs should only be used to help your natural aids.

Which spurs are the best?

There are several kinds of spurs. Rowelled spurs, knob-end spurs, swan-neck or Prince of Wales spurs. Knub-end spurs have a rounded end, making them rather friendly as they do not apply sharp pressure. The same goes for Prince of Wales spurs. Swan-neck spurs are especially useful for riders with long legs whose legs extend beyond the horse's belly. Rowelled spurs are available with smooth, crude or small rotaries.

Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has spurs from several brands including the high-quality brand Sprenger. Whether you want knob-end spurs or rowelled spurs, Epplejeck has a wide range; shop your spurs online or head on over to one of our Superstores.

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