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Hey there, blogger! Yes, you there. Do you want to make money with your website, newsletter or app? Join our affiliate program and start generating an income via Epplejeck. Epplejeck is connected to the affiliate program TradeTracker. Simply register yourself with Tradetracker for free and start adding Epplejeck banners and product links on your website.

What is an affiliate program?

What is an affiliate program exactly and how does it work you might wonder? It's super simple. If you own a blog or any website on which you publish texts or videos, you might want to liven things up with some banners. Preferably banners which have something in common with your content. If you register yourself with TradeTracker (which won't cost you a thing), you can copy the banners we have published with them and implement them on your webpage using a special link.

If a visitor clicks the link and actually orders something with us, you'll get a commission from us!  Pretty awesome, right?

You can use banners, but you could also use our product feed. When you highlight certain products in your blogs you can use the TradeTracker program to find links to those products in our online shop. If you manage to convince your visitors it's a great product they will click the link, buy the item, and ensure you get your commission. If you want additional information check the TradeTracker website.

How do I sign up?

Easy! Register for TradeTracker right here. Check with the advertizers and add Epplejeck to your campaigns. As soon as you've added us we'll get a message to accept you as a publisher. Once that's done you can add as many banners and productlinks as you want on your website and starting generating income from the orders we receive via your website.

Got a question?

Don't hesitate to ask. We're glad to help.

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