How to take care of leather products

We must remember that leather is in fact skin. It can dry, crack, stain, warp, etc. Like our own skin, leather remains the most beautiful if it is properly cared for. Leather can be virtually indestructible if treated properly. Proper storage, cleaning, and conditioning will keep your leather looking as good as new, no matter how old it is.

Taking care of leather should be done regularly. Since cleaning is part of a good polishing routine, it’s certainly not a bad thing to do. Before cleaning it is necessary to clean your leather jacket is a damp cloth. This will remove any surface dust or dirt. Do not use too much water, this makes the leather stiff and hard.

Make sure that the leather is not only clean, but also dry before you start treating it. Dry it carefully in a warm dry area. Be careful not to place the leather next to a radiator or other heat source, as this will dry the leather out.

Treat the leather with the appropriate care product. Never use vegetable oil or sunflower oil, as these extract the colour from the leather. Rub the care product with a soft cloth or brush. Good rubbing has a better result than using more care product. Let it soak in well. Before use, you can wipe the leather with a cloth to remove excess grease.

To maintain or restore the colour of the leather, you can use a care product on colour or a colour wax. For example, black leather grease for saddles and bridles and black shoe polish or cream for boots and shoes.

Please note:
  • Prevent leather from being close to a heat source such as a radiator or other heat source, as this will dry out the leather. Do not expose the leather to direct sunlight, as this can cause discoloration and dehydration.
  • Never use vegetable oil or sunflower oil, these will remove the colour from the leather.
  • Do not treat artificial leather, leather with a plastic layer or patent leather with a leather care product.
  • Do you have a product with rhinestones? Only treat this area with a damp cloth. Please note: loss of or damage to rhinestones or other vulnerable shiny materials are not covered by the warranty.

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