Returning an order or item is no problem. If the item just doesn't fit right or the colour is not what you expected you can return the item at one of our stores, or send it to our headquarters in Drachten, The Netherlands.

Returning an online order

Our guarantees:

  1. Standard 30 days to return the item(s).
  2. We accept "Because I can" as a reason for return.
  3. Exchanging an item? Online orders cannot be exchanged for another item. You''ll have to place a new order.
  4. We'll refund the order amount within 5 working days of receiving the return.
  5. Shipping costs are for the sender. Returns can also be handed it at one of our stores free of charge.
  6. Did you receive a damaged item or the wrong item? We will never let you take the blame for this: contact our customer service

How does the return process works?

return process

Click here for an overview of our policy regarding returning an online order.

Returning an item bought at a store

Changed your mind about your purchase? No worries. Click here for an overview of the return process for items bought at one of our stores.

Returning or exchanging an item you've won

Are you a winner of one of our many giveaways? Congratulations! Handing over your address details, and when applicable your size, is considered as a confirmation of acceptance of the prize. After this you won't be able to exchange or return the item.
This policy is in place, because we work together with suppliers and manufacturers with these giveaways. As soon as we know your size this is forwarded to the supplier and soon after you'll receive your prize. 
If you are unsure of your size you are welcome to come to one of our stores to try the item and thus make sure you will receive the right size in case you win.
Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other items.

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