Shipping costs

United Kingdom:

  • Order amount up to € 199,- : €6.50
  • Order amount above € 199,- : Free!

The Netherlands:

  • Order amount up to € 49,- : €3.95
  • Order amount above € 49,- : Free!


  • Order amount up to € 99,- : €5.50 
  • Order amount above € 99,- : Free!


  • Order amount up to € 199 : €8.95
  • Order amount above € 199 : Free!

  • Order amount up to € 99 : €7,95 
  • Order amount above € 99 : Free!


  • Order amount up to € 99: €5,50
  • Order amount above € 99: Free!

Click here to find out what the shipping costs to your country will be.  

Remaining countries: The shipping costs will be determined during the placement of your order.

If the package has a heavy load, the shipping costs can be different. In this case, we will contact you before shipping.
Please note that if the package has to be delivered outside of The Netherlands (Europe) and weighs more than 31,5 kg and/or will be larger than 58x78x175 cm, we cannot send the order to you. For non-European countries the package cannot weighs more than 20 kg and/or larger than 150x70x50 cm. Should this be the case, we will contact you.

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