Return and exchange items purchased in store

Are you not satisfied with the item you purchased in our store? Is the rug just too tight or are the jodhpur boots still a bit too wide despite those thick woolen socks? It is possible to return or exchange an item within 30 days. Here's everything you need to know:

  • Returning or exchanging an item can be done until 30 days after purchasing.
  • Items can only be returned when accompanied with the original receipt, be sure to keep it safe.
  • Because of the possibility of fraud we ask you to leave a phone number along with your name and adress. Without a phone number we won't be able to proces your return or return money.
  • The items should be brought back unused and in the original package.
  • Special orders, or tailored items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Returning or exchanging an item because of a complaint

  • Complaints or warranty issues will only be processed when the item is clean.
  •  One year manufacturer's warranty applies to all items (however, a receipt is needed to process the complaint)
  • Express guarantee applies to issues like faulty stitching or weaving.
  • Loss of rhine stones, damage to zippers, regular wear and tear and damage from external sources like horse teeth, nails, screws, chafing or pulling do not fall under warranty.
  • Epplejeck determines wether the item will be replaced, reimbursed, or repaired.

Note: without a receipt we cannot process the exchange or return of the goods.

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